About Us

Our Company was founded in 1983 for small quantitys of special refractory materials which needed in the industry.

Silicate, magnesite, chromite and high alumina ramming mixes for induction and magnesite based ramming mixes for arc furnaces have been incorporated into our production planning at the following years.

Moreover High temperature resisting castables, plastic refractory ramming masses, castable based fire bricks, castable based kiln elements, special quality mortars, abrasive sands, filter sands have been embedded into our production plan to supply requirements of our industry.  In the meantime; we supply and sale for other needs of customers , such as Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Papers, Chemical binders, Ceramic pipes, fire bricks, out of our production.

With 30 expert personels involved in the production process, capacity has reached 19.000 ton/year in a area of 14.000m2. We have the TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate.

Our Products are based on high quality and continuous raw material resources. Our understanding , focused on quality, customer satisfaction, can meet both domestic and international industry needs in the best way. In 2012, 50 % of our Products was exported to more than 15 countries.

We are proud to present the best quality with best price and in quick time to the service of industry.